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As of September 2017 we will not be sending paper copies of letters / parent consent forms home. This is not only a financially driven exercise but also an attempt to ensure that we reach our whole stakeholder audience. You will be notified by text that a letter is ready to be accessed on the school website. You will find all newsletters under the newsletter tab. Where parent consent is required we ask that you email office@portesham.dorset.sch.uk with the email address you have provided the school with written confirmation. For the process to be effective please can all parents ensure that the school has a copy of your up to date mobile number and your preferred email contact address. Many thanks.

playclub increase letter.pdf School Meals increase letter.pdf

Playclub increase letter - July 2017

Hot school meals increase letter - July 2017

SummerTerm Second half sports week final 1(1) (1).pdf

Class Teacher and Sports Week letter- July 2017

menu Aut 2017(1).pdf

Autumn Term 2017 - 2018 Menu Selection - July 2017

Class 1 Start of term letter.pdf

Welcome back - Sept 2017

Playclub booking form 2017 casual (1).pdf Autumn term 2017 clubs final.pdf

Playclub ( breakfast and after school) booking form Sept 2017

Clubs and agreement policy Sept 2017

Trips annual permission.pdf

2016-2017 letters

2017-2018 letters

Annual trip permission letter - Sept 2017

class 1 swimming letter final pdf for website.pdf

Swimming letter - Sept 2017

timetable 2017 2018.pdf Topic plan for parents marvellous me.pdf Washingpool Farm visit Sept.pdf What to expect when.pdf Tapestry Start up letter.pdf Tapestry Parents Guide Web.pdf

Timetable - Sept 2017

Topic Plan - Sept 2017

Farm Visit- Sept 2017

What to expect when?- Sept

Tapestry Start Up Letter 2017

Tapestry Web Guide 2017

Tapestry Guide For Parents Android 2016.pdf Tapestry Parents Guide iOS 2016.pdf

Tapestry Guide IOS

Tapestry Guide Android


      Phonics Support

Class 2 New Barn Field Centre Letter 6.pdf

Farm Trip letter- Sept 2017

Class 2 New Barn Field Centre Letter.pdf

New Barn Trip - Sept 2017

Bus letter.pdf

Bus Letter Parent Information Oct 2017

Haynes Motor Museum.pdf

Trip Letter Haynes- Oct 2017

Autumn Term first half important dates flyer.pdf


Parent Information Booklet.pdf

Parent Information Booklet

Mrs Demir_ letter to parents 7th November.pdf

Chair of Govs letter - 7th November 2017

S pring term clubs 2018(1).pdf S PRING Playclub booking form 2018 first half pdf(1).pdf S pring menu spring first half final(1) (1).pdf

Spring Term Menu 2018

Spring term clubs 2018

Spring Play club form 2018

December 15th 2017.pdf