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E-Safety at Portesham Primary School

There’s no hiding the fact that we love our ICT at Portesham. We are very lucky to have such a vast array of ICT resources at our fingertips. The school has a very secure internet connection through the South West Grid For Learning (SWGFL) check out www.swgfl.org.uk for more information. However it is really important that we teach the children how to be safe when using a computer / the internet at home and when accessing it through a mobile device.

Mr Brown leads the e-safety programme within the school. He has worked with the Dorset Safer Schools Community Team (SSCT) http://www.dorset.police.uk/default.aspx?page=3638 to become a qualified e-safety facilitator.

There are a huge amount of resources out there to support e-safety learning in school. We find that the resources on the Think you know https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ website are best suited to us. We follow the 5-7 and 8-10 resource programme. Think you know also has a lot of resources on Youtube.com a lot of the older resources are stored. These are particularly useful when tackling the subject of cyber bullying, Joe’s story in particular.

We do hold an annual e-safety learning to learn evening where we talk about the teaching programme in school and how you can get help at home. If you do ever need some advice or support please come in and chat to a teaching member of staff. We are all able to advise on the next appropriate steps.


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