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Cornish Pasty Project

Here in class 3 we made pasties to raise money for a school trip to Coldharbour Mill. The process was quite simple; we started by rolling out the pastry.  Next we put in the filling (traditional and cheese and onion) and crimped the edges. We raised £151.63 altogether! This was calculated by year 6 as part of maths project. Profit =Income-Costs


Coldharbour Mill Trip

Coldharbour Stories

Pop Pop Boat Steam Boat Experiment

Mr B popped in for a couple of days to see how our current learning dimension was progressing. He was really impressed by the work we had completed on the steam engine and it’s importance in the Industrial Revolution. However, he was shocked that we hadn’t had a go at making our own steam engine. So…… next thing we know we’ve got 30 empty Pepsi (diet - of course) cans in front of us, some straws, blue tack and a whole Tesco’s worth of orange and apple juice. Lots of drinking later (not the Pepsi, Mr B dealt with that) we were ready to have a go at making our own steam engine powered Pop Pop boats.

To prove it worked Mr B made this one at home.

SCRATCH Projects


By Florie T

Sophias thoughts on the pasties

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Why do Victorian children walk around bare foot ?

Because they always work their socks off !