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Read Write Inc., developed by Ruth Miskin, is a whole-school literacy programme for 4-11-year-olds designed to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

Here at Portesham we use the Read Write Inc scheme throughout the Foundation Stage Unit (FSU) and Key Stage 1 to develop key reading, writing and speaking skills. We have adapted the programme to run along side the more traditional literacy lessons. The skills learnt from the Read Write Inc sessions support the more lengthy and complex learning of the literacy lessons.

Within the FSU the programme initially focuses on the initial sounds. These are called the set 1 sounds. By half term we would like children to be blending simple consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words together, such as cat, dog, mat etc.. Handwriting is practiced daily but separate to the phonic learning. This is because at Portesham we like the children to learn the cursive writing style. Children are heavily supported when developing their writing through many activities designed to increase their individual fine motor skill abilities.

By Christmas we would hope the children would have moved on to more complex CCVC, CVCC words as well as increasing their awareness of RED words.

RED words are words which cannot be sounded out, eg. said. The children just have to learn these words. Words that can be sounded out are called GREEN words. Fortunately there are a lot more GREEN words than RED words.

As the year continues the children in the FSU continue to develop their phonic awareness (set 2 sounds) and also spend a lot more time developing their writing skills. They progress on to the ‘Get Writing’ books when ready. The ‘Get Writing’ books commence with a shared read of a schemed story book. The children then work with a partner to read the story again at their own pace. There’s the opportunity for a lot of open questioning and drama activities to help bring the story books to life. Following on from the reading activity there are set activities to assist the child with developing their writing and speaking skills.

Hold a sentence’ - The children are given a sentence linked to the story book. It is repeated in various ways often to the amusement of the children. When the children are able to repeat the sentence without support they are asked to write it.

‘Find the errors’ - The children are presented with a sentence with numerous errors e.g spelling, punctuation and grammar. Independently or with a partner they have to locate the mistakes and correct them,

‘Writing task’ - This is a longer writing task often featuring the speech and thoughts of the main characters of the stories.

By the end of the FSU children the children fully understand the ‘Get Writing’ process. The reading and writing books are colour coded and increase in difficulty the higher up the scheme you go. Each section contains 10 reading books with associated writing tasks. In total there are 7 sections.

The Yr 1 children and Yr 2 children progress through the scheme as a part of their morning book activities. It is hoped that by the end of Yr 2 the children will have completed all 7 sections of the scheme.

The Read Write Inc scheme is also used as an intervention tool on a 1 to 1 basis to help children make rapid progress and achieve or exceed their targets.

If you would like to know more about the Read Write Inc scheme or how we work it alongside the more traditional literacy lesson please feel free to contact Mr Brown. He loves phonics and especially Read Write Inc! Be warned though he can talk for hours about how good it is.

The reading books the children bring home in the FSU and KS1 are also phonic based so mirror the learning that has taken place in the classroom. The more you can read with your child the quicker they will progress.